One Photo vs many photos?

Personally I want my scrapbook pages to tell a story, so I get as many photos on them as I can! The main reason for this is that whenever my camera (or phone these days) is at the ready to take pictures, I generally take a lot of the same event.

I think it started off when my girls were younger and they would seldom sit still (especially Sam) and I would snap away in the hopes of getting something that was useable for a layout.

I always assumed all scrappers would want to put lots of photos on a page, but I’m amazed at how many people only use one focal photo. Don’t get me wrong, there are some incredibly beautiful layouts out there that have only one photo, so I’m not criticizing them at all but I found myself wondering if I should follow the trend and use one photo and lots of techniques and embellish the photo creatively for a change in my album.

So I tried it, a couple of times actually and for me personally, the creative process was awesome, I loved getting my hands dirty, stenciling and painting but once I’d finished the layouts and everything had dried and it was time to insert into my albums, I just couldn’t! They were bulky and bumpy and my initial thought was, I should have done this on a canvas that I could hang in my studio! The other thing that bothered me, was the thought of how many scrapbook albums I would need to house single photo layouts, eish too many…

I realized then and there that whilst I enjoyed doing them, I’m not a single photo, mixed media scrapbooker, I’m a traditional paper scrapbooker and following the trend didn’t serve my purpose. The layouts didn’t tell a story for me, they didn’t have journaling and didn’t meet my main objective of leaving behind an album with meaning for my girls. (Obviously if I only have one picture and need to tell a story with it, I would, but it would probably be the exception)

So I use as many photos as I need to tell the story I’m wanting to tell and to make sure the layouts aren’t too cluttered with photos, I play with the sizes of them and use a lot that are 2up or 4up on a jumbo. I also keep my embellishments down to a minimum so that I don’t bulk the pages up to much.

There is no right or wrong way to create your scrapbook because it’s just that, it’s YOURS.

What I can tell you for sure, is that my layouts will always have lots of photos on them, that’s just how I scrap and I’m okay with that!

I am however curious to know what your preference is, single photo vs many photos? Let me know in the comments below.

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