10 Easy ways to get more photos on your scrapbook layout!

A photo speaks volumes, regardless of whether the pic is an enlargement, a jumbo, half or even a quarter size of a jumbo. The fact is that when you see that photo regardless of the size, the memories from that moment in time come flooding back.  I always choose 1 or 2 focal photos which I normally double matt to make them stand out on the page and then depending on how many photos I have, I would decide on which option to use to include more.

1. Being able to print my own photos has been key!
Technology has made it incredibly easy to step photos up in different sizes on your phone by using any one of a number of phone apps that have templates that allow you tap and add images from your phones camera roll and then just resave them as a new photo.
Buying a Canon Selphy printer has to be one of my BEST investments EVER and I’ll tell you why. (PS Canon are not paying me for this review)
One of the biggest problems I had when I wanted to scrap was sorting through my photos and I’m referring specifically to the photos that I take with my cellphone. I would need to figure out what I wanted to develop, size them and then go into the photolab to get them done, only to get home and find out some were sized incorrectly or I’d saved the wrong picture, or my worst, the photos colours were terrible and not at all what I was expecting and so I’d need to go back and get something re-printed. Does any of this sound familiar?
Having my printer at home allows me to choose the photos I want to use on my layout and print on demand. I generally always sketch up my layout so for example, if I know I need 2 ‘focal’ landscape photos, I’ll go through all the photos on my camera roll and choose my 2 favourites and I’ll print them immediately and place them on my layout. I’ll then look at the next photos I want to highlight and if they need resizing, I’ll do the editing and I’ll print those and place them on my layout. I’ve found by doing it this way I can easily see which are my favourite photos and also because they’re on my layout I don’t land up duplicating photos in error because I’m able to double check what has or hasn’t been printed yet.

2. Create Flaps & Booklets
I use plenty of flaps with multiple booklet style pages which allow me to add plenty of photos to my layout. I know a lot of people don’t like interactive layouts because the assumption is you have to pull the layout out of the page protector to expose the additional flaps, however there are a number of ways to avoid this.  I generally cut slits into my page protector and pull the flaps through. Another option is to attach your flaps to the top edge of your layout so that they fold over the top of the page protector.

Image from Look through the Lens kit

A bit like the flaps, multi page booklets can house tons of photos and I’ve found that reducing the photos housed inside these down to ½ or ¼ size jumbo’s allow you to add so many, and they work particularly well for travel themed albums. Again you can split your page protector, or you can complete your layout without the booklet, insert it into the page protector and then adhere the booklet with a high tack double sided tape onto your page protector in the position you want.

Image from: School Years kit

3. Create Pockets
Pockets with inserts is another favourite of mine to include extra photos, you can just add tags which allow you to include photos on both sides, however you can also include a concertina type insert which will allow for even more photos to be included.

Image from Beautiful Things Layout kit

4. Overlap Photos
For a fun, relaxed look, randomly overlap photos. Layering creates depth and grounds the page elements. Group and layer small photos to balance a large one.

5. Photo Booth Strips
There’s no easier way to fit multiple pictures on a page than arranging them in a photo booth-style strip. Place them on the side of the page to make room for larger images and journaling.

Image from: Beach Adventures kit

6. Add Black and White Photos
If the page appears to be getting cluttered, especially if you’re dealing with multiple different colours which perhaps don’t work with your papers or the overall colour theme, consider developing some of them in black and white. The addition of the black and white photos can help reduce the busyness of a page as well as add some visual interest.

7. Use Photos as Accents
I have used many photos as accents/embellishments over the years. You can develop smaller photos and punch them into shapes and then use foam to raise them on the page, a very simple and effective way to add extra photos. Especially if you want to highlight something like a sports trophy or birthday cake and don’t want to develop a big picture of it.

8. Create a photo grid
Use a square punch to cut uniform shaped photos that you can adhere next to each other to cover a page. Be sure to flip the punch over so you can see exactly where you’re cutting!

9. Create a Photo Border
Create a decorative border for around the entire edge of your layout by printing small black and white contact size photos and adhering them around the outside edge. Having the photos in black and white will keep the focus on your larger images.

10. Crop your Photos
Tight cropping of your photos, helps to keep the focus on your subjects and you’ll be amazed at how many photos you can get on your layout if you just trim them down.

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    Carol ward
    5th Dec 2019 at 6:09 am

    Thanks for the useful tips. Printing photos has been my major hassle, definitely going to get the Canon Selphy printer.

    • Reply
      Tracy Schimper
      5th Dec 2019 at 7:47 am

      Pleasure Carol, glad you got something out of it, let me know when you start pricing around for a selphy as we do supply them

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    Lucia le Roux
    19th Dec 2019 at 12:52 pm

    Thanks so much.. now to see if I can do it..

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    17th Jan 2020 at 8:35 pm

    Beautiful, wonderful way to make the most of my travel photos.

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