It’s time to get started…

So you’re ready to get started, you’ve gathered all your supplies and have a selection of photos you’d like to work, with so now what?

Sort through your photos, if there are some that are duplicates or similar that are blury or peoples eyes are closed, discard them, it’s not necessary to include absolutely every picture.  If you feel that parts of a photo are not relevant, you can trim the photo down so that you only include what/who you would like to see in the picture. (Doing this also allows you to include more photos on your page.)

Once you’ve finished trimming your photos, find a piece of paper (2 if you want a double page layout) that co-ordinates and start arranging the photos on the page until you are happy with the placement. I will often stick (matt) my photo onto a contrasting piece of cardstock leaving about a 5mm edge visible before I adhere the photo to the background page. 

Once you’re happy with your photo placement you can adhere them to the background using either your glue or double sided tape.

Remember, you’re not just creating a pretty background for your photos, you actually want to journal what the photos are about. This should include a date, who the photos are of, perhaps the event. You could include more information like, a funny story that happened, how you were feeling on the day, or what the occasion meant to you.

(If you are fearful of writing directly onto your page, you can create a tag and then adhere that to the layout as well.)

Once you are finished with your layout, you can insert it into one of your clear pocket sleeves that are in your album and your first page is complete.

This page will probably have been very simple in comparison to those you see online or in magazines and I have given you just a VERY brief overview of how it’s done, but I want to point out this VERY important fact that most people don’t consider.

Think of someone looking at this very basic page of yours in 50 years time, won’t it mean more than just a dog-eared photo in an old biscuit tin?  It might be simple, but the addition of the journaling is where the magic happens and your words have given life to the photo that would otherwise have been forgotten!

There are so many resources available online for you to find ideas and supplies for scrapbooking.

Try Pinterest to start and be specific about your search. If you’re wanting to do a wedding layout, then type into the search bar ‘wedding scrapbook layout’ and you will find plenty of inspiration to help guide you along your scrapbooking journey

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative way to preserve your photos and the layouts can be as simple or complex as you want, its completely up to you. This guide is for beginners and with experience you will learn about new products and techniques. This is just a starting point for you, you are limited only by your imagination.

Do you find sourcing product and figuring out how to put it all together to confusing or time consuming?

In the next blog post see how we develop different kits that help you develop your own personal scrapbook album

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