Our Story

You’ve got a couple of hours all to yourself & you’re going to craft, well because you can YAY!


So you haul out that almighty stash of papers and embellishments and lay it all out on your work surface and look at it and ooh it’s all soo pretty! You shuffle through some papers, not sure where the inspiration is going to come from so you decide to make a cup of coffee, the caffeine will surely help fuel the creativity, right?


A bit more shuffling paper and co-ordinating embellishments and then you think, ‘hey Pinterest, that’s the inspiration I need, that will surely get my creative juices flowing & BINGO it does, only problem is now you’ve used up your couple of free hours and just like that it’s time to pack up again and your window to memory keeping is gone for the day!


Sound familiar?


The reality of that story is actually how I got started with my journey in 2006 creating my kits & paper products which are aimed at making it easier for people to sit down, have everything on hand that they need to be productive.


These days everything is digital and photo albums of years gone by are seldom seen.  When is the last time you actually developed photos from your phone, or even backed up the 1000’s of photos on your computer, reality is they could be gone in an instant with a hard drive crash or if your phone gets stolen (yes I could have said dropped, but hey we live in S.A.

My goal is to leave behind documentation for my 2 daughters about our everyday lives, our experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly!


Regardless of how you choose to document your story, there is no right or wrong way, it’s a personal journey and I hope my products make your job as your families memory keeper that little bit easier