So whats Scrapbooking all about?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what will happen to that old box of photos and memory keep sakes you treasure in your cupboard when you’re no longer around?

Well the honest truth is that unless there is some kind of meaning attached to them, chances are they’ll either be tossed away, or kept out of a sense of obligation by a family member who will move the box from your cupboard to theirs.

Chances are you’ve actually got a box or old biscuit tin that has oddments in it from your late mum or dad containing old black and white photos with dog eared corners of people who you don’t know, sound familiar?

I find it incredibly sad that those memories are forgotten with the person who held them so close to their heart, and that is the reason I started scrapbooking nearly 20 years ago.

I’ve also got the tin with old photos, and whilst I recognize my grandparents, parents and their siblings, I have no idea who all the other people are and even sadder still is that my husband has virtually no family photos at all, nothing, zilch…

Due to the lack of my family history, I wanted to leave behind some kind of legacy for my children, grand children and great grandchildren so that they can understand their heritage and where we all came from.

It’s a rather daunting task I have to admit, actually knowing where to start, but the fact is it doesn’t matter where or how, you just need to make a start.

I started with my girls school years. Gathering all the ‘stuff’ I’d collected over the years, the art, mother’s day cards, projects, first day of school photos, concerts, sports days, last day of school with teacher etc.  and I set about laying it all out on my dining room table (for a couple of days mind you, the piles were BIG!) and I sorted it all chronologically, so I started with pre-school, gr0 through Primary school (where we accumulate the most stuff) and the piles got gradually smaller through high school years. 

It can be a daunting task and a lot of people don’t start because of that, however consider this …. Even if your pages are basic ‘lick and stick’ and aren’t considered an artistic masterpiece, but you have a photo with writing about that photo, how much more valuable is that rather than a random photo in a tin? Surely that is then worth keeping and handing down because those stories are preserved and have meaning to the viewer?

I find so many people are worried about what others will think about their layouts and the truth of the matter is that those memories are yours to share and if you’re not there to tell them one day, your family will treasure them and isn’t that the most important reason to document your life stories?

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