My grandmother passed away 2 years ago. She was my earliest source of creative inspiration. Her name was Roni but to me she was Gags and I spent countless hours with her in her sewing room as a little girl, making Barbie doll clothes, rag dolls and playing with her button collection which was housed in a rather large old biscuit tin. I inherited all of her sewing and painting things when she passed away, including her Elna sewing machine. I remember the day she got her new sewing machine because I was with her and she was so excited, it could do so much more than her original sewing machine and it had these fancy shanks that you could change to do different stitches, and it was the top of the range in the early 80’s and she got to go for lessons to learn how to use all this new found functionality!
Going through all of her sewing stuff, I came across the samples she made during her sewing classes where she would do the stitch on a swatch and then write down the stitch sizes etc for future reference. The minute I saw these samples I knew that they would become the anchor pieces for the inspiration of my new collection. I pulled out old wooden cotton spools, tape measures, lace, button cards, old needles and buttons and I started playing.
It was so heartwarming to work with items that I know she had treasured so much and even as I type this, I feel rather emotional, knowing that she was always my biggest fan and would have been totally amazed at seeing these papers go to print with her handwriting on them!

sewing elements
Some of the treasures I worked with for this collection


sample fabric piece
A piece of the sample stitch fabric that I scanned and used on the Treasured design


tape measures
So I used a fair amount of double sided tape to get these to stick down so I could scan them


cotton spools
Remember these old wooden spools?

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